15 November 2008

happy you were born day

"he's the drama king to your queen." - my mama after meeting derrick

divo marxx

yes, mama, he is.

my drama king is a sensitive, compassionate soul who is compelled to reach out and let someone know they are not alone. that makes me

happy you were born

divo khid flick

his temper and patience are a frying pan to my crock pot. quick to heat but equally quick to cool. i've bubbled, simmered and boiled over. time waits for no one. best not to try and spend it crying over spilt nonsense. we raise our glasses tonight because we are

happy you were born


i'm suspicious and intimidated by trees at night. you give them names and remind me how old they are and then it's not so bad. ever. that's real to a city girl like me, ain't no frontin' i'm

happy you were born

happy birthday, baby!

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