17 November 2008

first lady keepin it real

from earlier tonight on 60 minutes. where steve kroft interviews the obama's

Kroft: How has your life changed in the last ten days?

Mr. Obama: There’s still some things we’re not adjusted to.
Michelle Obama: Like what?
Mr. Obama: Like–
Michelle Obama: What do you want?
Mr. Obama: Me not being able to take a walk.

Michelle Obama: Oh, well, you know.
Mr. Obama: No, I mean, though those are things that…
Michelle Obama: I don’t walk as much as he does though. So I guess I don’t miss it.

Mr. Obama: Yeah. I mean, you know.

Obama: You want to go for a walk?

Mr. Obama: I do. I’d love to take you for a walk. Although it’s cold today. But…

Obama: Yeah, I wouldn’t go with you.


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