15 November 2008

stop, drop, shut 'em down

the khid recently finished up a gig at the halloween store and just got picked up at mervyn's. mervyn's recently announced that they will be going out of business after recently declaring bankruptcy.

dopez: i noticed your fb status, "busineses plumit, I profit!" it's catchy. plumit is what got me. not too often you see a word end in it.
khid: yah, i think that's how you spell it.
d: hmm
k: and if not, it's how i spell it. so fack you.
d: weirdo. dang, you be showing up to shut things down. ambulance chaser!
k: yah, i hang 'round listening at the doors of business meetings ready to pounce.
d: you just chill somewhere until you get a feeling
k: yah, posted up outside the home depot like a day laborer, but more a store closer!
d: totez. dude, you're totally that senior citizen cat of retail! if peeps see you they know their days are numbered! when they see you it's like they've seen the ring.

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