17 November 2008

a lady first.

from earlier tonight on 60 minutes. where steve kroft interviews the obama's. my comments in { }

Mr. Obama: I used to get teased, not just by Michelle, but by my own staff. They’d say, ‘You know, you’re the only senator that has a worse apartment than your 25-year-old staff people.’ Eventually, I think, Secret Service kind of looked at me like, you know, once the building caught fire, and the ceiling caved in, I said…
Michelle Obama: But he moved back in anyway.
Mr. Obama: For a while.
Michelle Obama: After the fire.
Mr. Obama: Shortly.

Kroft: Did you ever stay there?

Michelle Obama: I visited, but I didn’t sleep there. {oh hell to the no. i am a lady!}

Mr. Obama: She insisted on a hotel room. {her mama didn't raise no fool either!}

Michelle Obama: I saw it. I saw it long enough to know that I wasn’t gonna stay there.
Mr. Obama: Yeah
Kroft: It is one bedroom? Studio?
Mr. Obama: Yeah, it was sort of a one bedroom. It had kind of the vintage, college dorm, pizza…
Kroft: Community organizer, right?, feel to it. {burn!}

Michelle Obama: It reminded me of a little better version of the apartment you were in when we first started dating. That was a dump too.
Mr. Obama: Right near Harold’s Chicken Shack. {something is wrong with you if you don't like chicken...}
Michelle Obama:Yeah.
Mr. Obama: Yeah. That’s when I had the car with the-the hole in it.
Michelle Obama: And you could see the sidewalk, because the rust had gone through.
Mr. Obama: The air-conditioning.
Michelle Obama: So that was my side. I would look and see the ground going past. And I still married him.

Mr. Obama: That’s how I knew she loved me. It wasn’t for my money.

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