02 November 2008

city so nice, they named it twice

traveling to new york with my brother was an awesome experience. our sister, g, has lived back east for the better part of the last ten years. will's fear of flying has kept him grounded on the west coast. he wanted to travel and invariably would suggest a road trip. of which, we sisters, would then invariably say no can do.

g's wedding in vegas provided the opportunity to take his maiden voyage. he couldn't miss this and there just wasn't enough time to spend driving. the two hour flight gave him enough confidence to make the trek east. hooray! while the iron was still hot and the fares low, a trip was booked. he was cornered with a non-refundable fare.

our departing flight was with its bumps but easy. babies slept and so did will. i was relieved for him and proud of him.

the moment we touched down we raised our eyebrows at each other as if to alert new york, "it's on!" everyone applauded and quickly shot up towards the over head bins. we walked off the plane feeling rejuvenated. our pace quickened as each of our sluggish cells absorbed the realization that, finally, we were in new york m-fing city! not to mention safely back on the ground. our cells do not get it twisted.

the last thing my mom told me at the airport (and mind you, i am grown) was something she often said when we were latch key kids, "take care of him, ok."

instead of groaning as i might of as a kid, i welcomed it. his firsts we're feeling like my firsts. it was going to be a new, new york.

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