28 October 2008

new yuck

the first four hours of my brother's first flight to new york were a breeze. we had an empty middle seat between us, the sun on the other side of the window shade and not a baby was crying. we both slept through those first couple of hours.

the pilot had warned that we would probably be experiencing some turbulence as we got closer to new york. he wasn't kidding. he should have spoken more in the affirmative, it WILL be turbulent vs. it MIGHT be turbulent.

over head bins stayed shut but our pre-purchased snacks would shift within us during flight. for an hour our plane was a collective stomach swaying to and fro. half way through the rocking the pilot announced that we were going to be in a holding pattern for at least an additional 30 minutes. i had been maintaining my equilibrium as best as i could but the announcement broke a lot of us.

flight attendants were shimmying up and down the aisle, handling biohazard, passing out new vomit bags and bags of ice. i was so twisted. i was hot but sweating cold. i pointed all fans towards me and had them on full blast. i'd blow this change of life feeling right out of my body...like the chunks from the girls mouth from across the aisle. it was haggard people. just haggard.

dry heaves in aisle 16 would be echoed in aisle 21 then 30. i was feeling very vulnerable and felt it best to sit as still as possible. one false move and my levy's would break. i refused to look at the vomit bag. i refused to even look pained. if an attendant would've asked me if i were ok, i'd lose it all over their comfortable shoes.

for serious.

the sounds were muffled but undeniable. the smells faint but present.

yikes. i'm off to drink some ginger ale yo. this is too much, too soon. has anyone seen my sky flakes.

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