08 January 2008

"i may be up but i'm not awake."

that's what i told bf as he started chattin me up yester morn. look into my shark eyes and you'll see zzz's. my name is dopez and i am a morning monster. i come from a family of m.m. even niece extraordinaire has been known to have an attitude in the am.

we are night creatures by habit and conditioning. at night, i don't so much go to bed as i surrender to sleep. clock watching, calculating...if i go to sleep now i will get x amount hours of sleep and then immediately negotiate if i really need that many. however, it's not uncommon that one of my first thoughts upon waking is how much i can't wait to get back here (here being sleep in davy jones' locker 20 m-fing leagues under the sea).

los banditos were all born in the wee hours of the am and it's been said it was the last time we ever naturally got up early. ma dukes would wake us up to get ready for school and then hop in the shower. without even looking at each other in our shared room, we collectively knew we could each sleep until the shower turned off. and when it did, nascar got nathan on us.

there's this scene in married to the mob in which matthew modine gets up and slides into his already prepared clothes and shoes. my childhood (hell adolescence and adulthood) so needed that.

morning monsters don't like too move quickly upon waking but we will. we will move to avoid talking to anyone for its talking that will drive a m.m. over the edge.

my bf and my sis's bf have on occasion felt the need to form a support group, partners of morning monsters (pmm). a forum for which they could share battle scars, the frustrations of living with a clock master (one who is constantly advancing the time and snoozing), a safe harbor for the people who actually get up when the alarm goes off.

we don't ever mean to be mean. we're sleep! we call later when the thaw has worn off and apologize but with no promise that it will not happen again. i for one am just not drawn that way.

this morning, as my bus turned the corner, all us passengers watched this guy posted in a doorway lighting up his crack pipe. all smiles.all casual. we passengers grimace. a few doors down from him is another cat chilling in a doorway. this one has his hood pulled all the way over his face. he doesn't raise a match but a finger and flips us all off. the finger steady in the air for every last person to take in. we passengers smile.

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uptown said...

LMAO!!! i straight up sit there and calculate the whole if i go to bed now i'll have x amount of hrs to sleep when we all know i want as much sleep as possible!!!