07 December 2007

must be your upper lip

i ran into my neighbor as he was exiting the building and did a double take. just a few weeks back he was a stock photo of a cali boy (southern) sans surfboard. he has shoulder length blonde hair with natural (looking) highlights that any real housewife of the oc would eat the collagen out of their own lips for, a fresh from the ocean face and laid back attitude. a chillax kid that looks like he's worn his fair share of hippie hoodies.

so why the double take? two words. porn 'stache. thick and blonde and not the least bit dope. if i wasn't rubbing my eyes at the very sight of it, i was buggin on how thick and blonde it was and that it seemd to appear overnight (ch-ch-chia stache?). that's not supposed to bug me out? please, jan brady tried to rock an afro and be all non-chalant. i will call you out!

my divo thinks he's trying to be ironical. i say he looks like he's wearing his dad's moustache with his mom's wig.


the first thing i saw when i opened my eyes this morning was my divo's face and the goatee action on it. and the very next thing i thought was, "why did he wear that to bed."

with sleepy eyes, it looked so thick and substantial. it had a presence on his face that i read as accessory. not born of the body but something he placed on it like a necklace or heavy eyeliner. that if he could easily put it on he could also take it off.

if i were any sleepier, i might of tried to lift the corners.

my dad usually has a moustache. the few times he has shaved it, his top lip would appear to slide under his top teeth as if he were eating them. the lips and area formerly known as moustache were the same tone.

we banditos would run away from this lip eating looking man.


the emb skater boys of back in the day had a particular theory about moustaches. if you were rocking just a 'stache you were gay but if you were black, then you were just a black man with a moustache.


i shriek at (inside) but have mad respect for any natural grown-ass woman owning her moustache. i'm not talking some 'um, you got some dirt above your lip, lady' shadowy down but hair with length and strength! i'm talkin bout the ladies that will tend to it like baby hair, coaxing it into place with an old toof brush. you guys rock!

and i bet your balls look great too.

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