05 October 2009

summer lovin...happent so fast, had me a blast


we went to the sf giants county fair (on filipino heritage night). it was our first carnival together.

we both had corn dogs with mustard. played games and cheered each other on. a young filipino rapper took to the stage. derrick walked up and gave him a pound to show his support. when he returned to the table he said, "i wasn't scared. besides, i've got you." protection of the complexion. i suppose it doesn't hurt having a pinay girlfriend on filipino heritage night.

we went through the haunted house. all the gags were on his side of the car. the ride was over before our laughing. so onward to the fun house. you enter and are immediately in a glass closet of sorts. it was a small, maze of mirrors. it's funny peculiar when find yourself boxed in. much to our surprise the only way out was actually down. down a steep, spiral slide. there were several adults pooling at the bottom, scratching their heads at their method of exit. i looked around and had no choice. down the slide i went.

i won our first prize with a successful ring toss. he'd pick up a few more throwing darts at balloons or knocking milk bottles off their base. he'd ultimately give our prizes away, either to a rando child or in one case, to a parent for whom it was just the thing to soothe his child's temper.

we merrily-went-round. i rode on a cat eating a fish. he sat on a lion. and sat he did. the lion was fixed where as my cat rose up and down. yee! the carousel was empty sans us and two middle aged men. they were a pair of ditka's on their horsies.

i have considered the ferris wheel to be one of the more frightening attractions at a carnival. and it has nothing to do with g forces. if you've got some height anxiety, like me, the ferris wheel can feel like a psychological thriller, a total mind game. as it starts to climb, questions rise and bubble. how high up am i? is it too late to get off? how high is the sketch carnie operating this machine? are those kids gon rock the hell out of this wheel and break it?

let it all go or you'll miss the views and you'll be back on the ground wondering...about the air up there.

our first carnival. our first ferris wheel ride. eek! his first ride with my anxieties. i hold tight his hand and let him be strong for me.

i felt at ease. i felt protected. i exchanged anxiety for exhilaration.

from our little bucket in the sky, we pointed out the sights to each other. we marveled at the fog, as it spilled over peaks, quickly swallowing up tree tops and roof lines. the lights on the bay bridge blurred and twinkled as the fog drifted by.

i loved being up there with him. i was unafraid.

{ doper than dope }

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