05 February 2009

happy birthday to our charming rebel

that's me in the corner with the halo. not! ma said i had a stink face because it was YOUR birthday party (your 1st no less) and not MINE. diva!

well, i can promise you, i don't have a stink face about it now. i love that it's your birthday! i wanna throw a birthday party fit for a cake maniac like yourself! for now, instead of cakes piled high, you get all these words all over this page. each one a hug and kiss from your sister in california who wishes she was joining y'all in your adventures today (excluding the time share lecture...f*ing amateur!).

here's to all the years since your birth and to all the ones to come! cheers my love!

tabs ni tabs ni tabs kita!

1 comment:

uptown said...

awwww....YAY!!! thank you!! tabs ni tabs tita!!