04 February 2009

bailiff on ice

steve wilkos used to manhandle the rowdy rednecks, tawdry trannys, lascivious lotharios, maligned midget mama's and all those other carnie folk on the jerry springer show. somehow, this guy was able to parlay the security work into a show of his own. only in america!

dr. phil did it working with oprah and reality show rejects try to do it all the time. it got me thinking about other tv sidekicks, set dressing types, topical people that make cameo appearances. i couldn't, then, help but ask myself if this guy (people court's bailiff, rusty burrell) ever looked out a window and wondered about opportunities gone by.

oh rusty! i respect your professionalism and commitment to our legal system. then again, he might've been a triple threat america missed out on. heh heh

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