04 February 2009

25 random things but a b*tch ain't one

inspired by the meme that's all over the facebook. i chose not to tag anyone. i'm kind of a meme anchor that way, oopsie. this is mine.

read 'em and weep.

[1] I only use my left ear when on the phone. Using my right will render our convo null and void, as I will be distracted by the fact that I think I am missing something.
[2] Eargasm – I clean my ears way too much because of this sensation.
[3] As a kid, I was paranoid about being kidnapped. So much so, I used to carry an extra pair of underwear, my jump rope and a snack just in case I was swiped.
[4] I met my main squeeze at Target.
[5] I like to use the expression ‘main squeeze’ sarcastically and to embarrass Mr. Squeeze
[6] I am prone to getting car sick.I won’t read or chew gum while riding in a car. However, I’ll totally read while driving though. ;)
[7] I have a hard time calling someone by their nick name if that is not how we were introduced.
[8] I totes watched the Puppy Bowl and the kittie half time show!
[9] I am easily startled. Note: being startled can make me violent. If you startle me, I will punch you.
[10] The signature I have today is one I developed while sitting out gym class (forgot my uniform) in 9th grade.
[11] I covet: cartier love, tiffany's celebration, nikon d, louboutin hyper prive peep-toes, chanel xl quilted classic
[12] Math and numbers break my bones while words and pictures can never hurt me.
[13] I can’t stand when time is left on the microwave. Clear it!
[14] In 5th grade I won a gold medal in the reading Olympics.
[15] Ramona Quimby, Age 8, changed my world.
[16] I use the rules of the road as I walk along sidewalks. Looking before changing lanes, not slamming on the breaks in the middle of the flow, etc. I wish more folks would do the same. Ugh.
[17] Sometimes, I stick my tongue out at children on the street. Whatever.
[19] Chocolate and Peanut butter – always yes!
[20] I am doper than dope dot blogspot dot com
[21] My current look is equal parts: kindergarten version of me, roy orbison and edna mode.
[22] Sausage McMuffin with Egg has been on my list of favorite foods forever.
[23] I no longer buy counterfeit purses (life’s too short). I’d rather support terrorism by buying drugs (jokes only mama!).
[24] I don’t wear a watch.
[25] I am your girl for all seasons, all the year through.

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