11 September 2008

oldies mix, 1.2

originally printed in beat magazine tom christopher copyright 2005

during one rainy day lunch my 14 year old self had a poetry reading in the hallway (dressed all in black no doubt). here are a few of the gemz (ahem) from that afternoon. /bongo drumz

acid rain
lovely acid rain
lovely acid rain

sometimes you're a pain

lovely acid rain
lovely acid rain

a pitter pat, a pitter pat

i hate it when you make my
hair flat

strange thoughts
i hate you
you hate i
go eat a fly
and then go
i love you
but please
don't sniff
i will go to
the store
but don't be
a bore. becuz
i don't want
to snore
it's cold!
shut the
door, but
eat the apple
help me!
watchout there's
a bee!

love kills
love kills
words spill
grab my heart
you say we'll
never be apart
you lied
so now our
has died
'i love you' fell from
your lips
but now all we have
to look forward
to is
our love was supposed
to last
but now our love
is something
in the past
i won't life
i still love you
my love for you
will never die
i forgive
i can...

now that it's all
over and done
i'm going to go
and have

an equal amount of
can lead to an
equal amount of
what is this?
it isn't splendid bliss
do you want power?
no, you need a shower
we say "ha, ha"
sheep say "ba, ba"
come, let's go away
never to return
always to stay
do you have a car?
please! drive me to
a shiny star
to a place very far

ay dios mio!

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