11 September 2008

oldies mix 1

sophmore year, san francisco

november 23
rite now i feel happy because i got a 76 on my algebra test. i totally thought i'd get worse. the sun is kinda out today, bummer. i love it when it rains. when it pours! lovely acid rain...

i wonder if A is mad at me. friday she seemed kinda pist. i called her up sunday asked her if she was pist. she said no, i was kinda upset but i was gonna talk to you anywayz.

anywayz?! anywayz, she just passed me up this morning. i said hi to her today. when the lunch bell rang she didn't come to my locker. she usually does. i guess i won't be spending lunch with her. oh well.

today i was tellin everybody that i'm not living at home. why do i say stupid shit like that?

eeeeeel...the sun's coming out.

november 25
725 am, at this moment i am in my 1st period english three class. usually i am sittin in the hallway w/my friends doin nothin'. i ain't sittin w/them today b-cuz --- I DON"T FEEL LIKE IT! A and F brought their newly bought rats to skool. i guess i ain't hangin w/them b-cuz i don't like the fact that it seems like their showin off? maybe it's just me b-cuz there not really like that? anyhow, it seems like A is tryin to be like AA and F is trying to be A. i think F is like some kind of wanna-be. i don't know. today i just hate the both of 'em.

i don't know why though. gawd my life is borin.

rite now i can hear B and G outside. they're cute. extremely cute. anyhow, today is J's birthday. i can hear her screamin', i guess someone's beatin her up (must be nice) oh well. nobody knows i'm in here - that's life.

L walked in and said i had strange eyes that something happened to them. i'm going outside for one second...okay, i'm back. i was standin rite there and B and G didn't say anything to me...this skool is a mad house.

what to do? what are words? B is making fun of G. he's funny. strange but funny. G is like the quiet intellectual. i mean B seems smart but more sociable. whatever. they're best friends and they're both running for class prez!

what am i going to do at lunch? or second period. i think i'm going to talk to my counselor. i don't wanna stay in skool.

oh! we're not gonna have turkey for thanksgiving b-cuz on the news, there's someone spiking turkeys w/poison. dad doesn't want to take a chance. we're gonna have pancit and lumpia. whatever. man-o-man gotta wash da dishes.

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ginnie & scott said...

lol!!! dude can u just write a sitcom already??!!??