11 September 2008

it was all so simple then

i've kept a journal ever since i could. my earliest writing memory is of myself, bout 4 scribbling in my parent's cramped closet. i'd sit atop a basket full of clothes, coat sleeves hovering over my head and put pen to pages of my mom's address book.

my childhood diaries were typically filled with pages of what i had eaten for the day {ugh.fish for dinner! why do they hate me?}. who stopped by our house {my cousin jimmy came over early this morning. he had a new type of candy. it was called nerdz. i ate them before brushing my teeth. eek!}. whether or not i was late to school {took another cab to school. classmate said he liked my dad's car!}.

although i no longer possess those elementary and middle school volumes, i do still have my high school joints. i reread them recently and realized that (1) yes, tragedy+time does = comedy and (2) time heals all wounds. even high schooly ones. almost. sorta. close. whatever.

radio stations have oldies shows on sundays. i'm going to start spinning some today, for you, my listeners. takin' it back thurzdaze (or flash backin' fridaze, whatevs you get what i'm gettin at). don't touch that dial.

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