11 August 2008

...shouldn't of left you, without a dopez beat

...to step to. times has been hectic and i'm catching my smoker breaf.

in the mean and between time, laugh laugh laugh and laugh...

{big ups to the khid for bringing this craziness to my universe. quick and dirty back story is that someone gives their friend acid, locks them in a closet and [1] records his friends babble and [2] then animates it. so as you're on the interntz as we speak, look up liam lynch and dan deacon and fact check it. i'z told you i was catching my smoker breaf...cough,hack, puff, laugh.}


...and then laugh some mo'

1 comment:

uptown said...

1. ms. sand, drinking out of cups
2. balloon hands

f'ing hilarious-ness!!!!!