18 July 2008

your presence is my present

really, it is! heh heh

some of y'all have money to burn and love in your heart for dopez (and her upcoming birfday) so this is for you


i'm a tough person to shop for, i know. fickle and fixed and the same time (and probably already have it). gift giving is something i've become associated with in the circles i run in. some might even say a specialty. mama didn't raise no fool, now. gift giving combines all the things that give me joy and pep. celebrating, hunting, gathering, paper, style, design. it's an event, or rather, an experience for me.

dopez notes on gift giving:

everything shall come from a place of love - don't force it or fake it. if you give a gift because you have to it will be known, trust.

money is no object - i often ask myself, if i could get this special someone anything in this world, what would it be? i then take that and start working towards my tax bracket

trust your god damn gut - with everything, yo. if you have a physical reaction to something, anything DO NOT IGNORE IT. you spy something that you want that person to have, that you want to give, go for it. be genuine and sincere and that will always come through. the thought really does count.

* this wish list also has a permanent home on the right hand of this here blog. jus sayin'

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