03 April 2008

most important meal of the day

last night, in a cab

bro: i had the best breakfast the other morning?
me: word? what was it?
bro: i had a banana and an orange.
me: wow.
bro: i felt like a gorilla
me: why? did you eat the peels?

turns out it was because he was in a tire swing.



our childhood ride was a 1980 dodge ram van. on the console between my driver dad and mom was an inspiring sticker. it was a large square w/a hologram, glittery border. i considered it to be one of those fancy stickers that cost like .75 from a 7-11 machine. what made it fancy was that you had to either lay down the quarters or do them in separate pushes. it featured a naked lady w/awesome chola hair laying in a bowl. and using the same glittery hologram effect it said, breakfast of champions.

i didn't always understand what that meant. initially i liked the shininess of the sticker. then i tripped out on the adult size bowl she laid in, sometimes asking, where can i get one of those? when i finally got it, i regretted it. bleh. words (and pictures) of wisdom from dear ole' dad.


lately my breakfasts have been protein bars and fruits (zzz). this is a far cry than most of the breakfasts i've had in my adult life, you know air pudding and nothing pie. but i am convert now to 'breaking the fast'. i really do have more energy and strength for those morning workouts. with that, here are some bits from my breakfast hall of fame...

#2 at mickey dee's, sausage mc muffin w/egg, hash brown, oj
i used to think i could/would eat this all day every day once i grew up. it's my favorite fast food breakfast evar. still is.

dad's pancakes. maybe your old man would toss in some bananas or berries. mine did that but there were also mornings he'd throw in some langka (jack fruit to you 'mericans) or macapuno strings (mutant coconut strings!) in the mix. yumski island style.

farina w/lumps and uncle ramon's oatmeal. we'd beg my uncle to make his oatmeal at all times of the day. it was loaded with condensed milk, butter, sugar...hey uncle, can we get some oatmeal with our cholesterol?

pandesal and cocoa at my grandma's house. now dip baby dip.

banana bread french toast at de lessio and the french toast at the pork store

cereal milk. especially after fruity or cocoa pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch. lactose intolerance be damned!

i like dipping my sausage into syrup (snicker, snicker). i do not like mc griddles. i know two people that have eaten it and they both threw up. that's enough feedback, up chuck whatevs for me.

what the french, toast?!



uptown said...

I TOTALLY FORGOT about that sticker!!
with that sticker plus the message around the license plate...he made our family van one of those PERVY vans...i'm surprised "LOVE MACHINE" wasn't airbrushed on it!

dopez said...

"if this van's a rockin..." means my kids are playing around inside...truth ain't as sexy right!