12 November 2007

over heard | sound bytez round up

"Your son have a Halloween costume?"
"You could drape him in all those cables from your office and he could be a server."
"Nice. I'll get him a tray."

"Since you weren't in drag and you weren't an animal, next year I want you to be a cat dressed up as a lady.

"Something's wrong with this beer. Smell it."
"Maybe it's your breaf on the glass!"

"My mom had her 2 American friends over."
"By American, do you mean white?"
"Thought so."

{surrounded by mormons}

"Time for a cocktail! Oh whoops..."
"...yeah a shrimp cocktail!"

{at ikea}

"Ugh! I just want to spit my gum at every body."

"I've got your new Jewish name...Schlopez!"

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