06 October 2009

summer lovin...happent so fast, had a blast


^ the bronx, nyc 14th fl

i was frying my ma's famous lumpia for a party. she brought lumpia wrappers from california. she don't play. i couldn't take the fry daddy, jr. heat so i got out the kitchen.

^ jones beach, ny

i haven't ever paid to go to the beach in california. however, i do appreciate all the garbage cans. we brought home made sandwiches and had ice cream on the beach. thankfully, it didn't start to rain until we got back to the car.

^ the bronx, ny
more rain.

^ west village, nyc

gelato. so nice we went back twice.

^ washington square park, nyc

en route to my birthday dinner. i had been indoors, sick with a poison rash, for almost a week. can ya tell i'm happy to be out?

^ soho, nyc

^ times square, nyc

totes mary tyler moore moment feeling

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