15 July 2009


Official Energy Drink Of The UFC | Sugar Free – Zero Calorie | Xenergy Cran – Razz Premium

Posted by Zdot on May 9, 2009

xyienceFocus And Endurance! Sugar Free, Zero Calorie Xtreme Energy Drink.

Xyience is the official energy drink and supplement products of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. They are sponsoring lots of UFC fighters like ChuckLiddell, Matt Hughes, etc.

If you have no problem with caffeine, this Sugar Free, Zero Calorie Xtreme Energy Drink is a good way to boost your workout or late night party.

Caffeine can cause heart palpitation or haemorrhoidal crisis that is not really pleasant. Plus if you already take pre-workout supplement or/and fat burner it might be a little too much! You really need to sit down and decide what you want to take as supplements.

I personally use energy drink because I don’t take creatine ( it has a tendency to make me bulky) and I don’t have heart or arse problem, but I don’t use energy drink daily.

Xenergy Cran Razz Premium is produced with caffeine, l-taurine, ginseng and l-carnitine. It’s ideal to stimulate your body for powerful exercising. Taurine can play likewise to creatine in that it enlarges your cells by assisting the muscle to hold more water, increasing cell volume. Xenergy Cran Razz Premium has been established to bring up mood, increment energy, and give an undeniable sensation of well being.

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