30 June 2009

don't stop till you get enough

it's hard to sit still when the sun is out. i've been building a summer...

chewing orbit mist watermelon: it's summer in yo' dirty mouf

drinking lemonade. i've always loved it. even named a cockatiel, lemonade. he looked something like this. we've bought out our local liquor store (bodegas to you east-ies) supply of

calypso black cherry lemonade
calypso strawberry lemonade
sunkist sparkling lemonade

ordering at starbeezy's venti shaken ice tea lemonades, passion or black sweetened

mastering THIS dance

stuffing my tan face with subway $5 foot long oven roasted chicken breast sammiches, otter pops, black forest gummy worms, mamba sours, bbq chicken

twittering during sytycd

driving day trips

watching hella fresh theatre and gettin' all emo with awe and pride and having thoughts all provoked

netflixing gossip girl (xoxo)

making promises to myself and

doing what i want

and that's just june! hooray!

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