13 February 2009

stormin normal

over hamburgers with ma

me: i'm going to hook-up with some people i met through giant robot tonight.
ma: hmm, speaking of robots, who are those big robots you took a picture with?
me: you mean the stormtroopers?


two weeks ago my brother brought out a stormtrooper action figure. he lays it down on the table and says, "guess who's under the mask?"

i didn't know how old the figure was. was it a throwback to when he was a kid? when super niece was a kid?

"i dunno, elmo?" i say

he pulls off the mask. it was luke skywalker.

how dope, seriously, would it have been had i been right?

in my search of a stormtrooper elmo i came up on this. sesame straat!

i like how cookie monster and elmo's eyebrows are actually on their eye balls. gangsta!


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