09 February 2009


super niece sent my sister an e-mail while she was out of the office. she immediately received the auto-out-of-the-office-reply. like most auto-replies it prompted the sender, should their need be urgent, to contact a co-worker who is actually in the office.

upon ginnie's return, her in-office co-worker forwarded this to her

" Forwarding this message from your niece.

this is auntie ginnies niece and i just wanted to tell her sorry for not being able to call her my cell phone had no service and my house phone can't make any calls out to anyone so please tell her i am very sorry and i love her and uncle scott and her two cats thanxx!!!!!! "

telling someone you're sorry and that you love them is as urgent as it gets.

papa didn't raise no fool.


uptown said...

why do i feel like crying everytime i read what she sent my co-worker!! she's growing up to be such an awesome young lady!! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?