31 January 2009

he can handle the tooth

Beauty tooth.., originally uploaded by dr-ls4.

growing up, my dad's teeth always looked so solid, a mouthful of little ivory tusks. i thought he could chew through anything, bones, coffee tables, spoons. i can't say that he actually did, but i would've bet my candy money he could.

he recently had some dental work and had to have some partials put in. as i offered him some almonds, i asked how his new toofs were doing.

dad: i'm making my mouth get used to it.
dopez: really? how?
dad: i'm eating only hard things. the doctor said that's what i should do. if you don't do it this way, your gums won't get used to the feeling.
dopez: the feeling?
dad: my gums are numb now. i was scared before to eat. i didn't want to break anything.
dopez: sounds good. how are you taking care of them?
dad: oh di, you know, you're sposed to take them out every time you brush your teeth but i didn't.
dopez: gross
dad: i know but i wasn't used to it and when i finally did...there was all this residue!
dopez: residue? gross, more like resiDON't do that!
dad: but i take them out now every time but there's still the residue of everything i ate in there
dopez: grosssssssssssssss
dad: yah, but i'm never hungry anymore. i always have a snack now!
dopez: you're like a squirrel
dad: or a monkey
dopez: ok, a monkey.

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