04 November 2008


we can.
we did.
we will.

and just like that, it's a new day. what will tomorrow bring?

my niece and all the babies of my friends will grow up where a black man as president is the norm, like having a cell phone and the internet.

just like that, it's a new day.

i feel so many things. i ran to the window and looked for other faces. i screamed. neighbors returned with "happy new year! happy new everything!" horns were a honkin'.

i feel.
all over.

i smiled so wide i could feel the corners almost tearing. i had big, warm tears roll down my cheek onto derrick's.

and just like that, it's a new day.

i feel excited for tomorrow, for america. for me.

what will tomorrow bring?
what will I bring to tomorrow?

many times before we've gathered around this tv and cried. held our breaths. threw our hands up. freaked out and been scared. we've gathered around our tv and felt nothing. apathy. not tonight

it's a new day.

tonight we gathered around the same tv and felt hope, joy and excitement. for the first time in a long time.

it's a new day.

any kid can now believe that they truly can be whatever they want. this kid does.


i can.
i will.

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