28 November 2008

thunks for the memories

khid's handiwork

derrick and i hosted, what we call, a kid thanksgiving. it's like sitting at the kids table (i.e. no adult types) but instead you get a whole apartment. derrick and i put work in the kitchen and the khid got to craftin and decoratin. fam came over toting fruits, pies and karaoke. it was an celebration (sic) to remember.

good foods, good peeps, good times. i'm full of thanks (and food) for it all.

* * *

{ gobbled, gobbled }

roasted turkey
cranrazzy spinach salad
smashed papas with chives and turkey gravy
cajun wild rice with andouille sausage
crazy cheesy mac 'n cheese w/panko + bacon crust
whole cranberries sauce
vegan currie rice with veggies
spanish lentil soup
potato medley with veggies
carrot choco chip coconut cupcakes w/cream cheese frosting
pies! pies! pies! banana cream, chocolate creme, pumpkin a la mode
a coconut and two bananas

* * *

{ khid's handiwork }

our turkey's don't gobble. they cheer!

a brave face

"you got some paper bags?" the khid asks. "this is the best time of year to be in elementary school!" referring to all the craftastic opportunities it provides. he set out to make us some native people's type vest and quickly learned, that although he may have had the memory to make said vest (...then you rub the bags on the cement to make it soft...) he no longer possessed the body. as he tried on his trader joe's branded prototype it ripped before he could even get his second arm through (someone's been hittin the gym). his face was all "i-just-watched-my-ice-cream-scoop-fall-slowly-to-the-dirty-ground." dratz!

not the khid's handiwork

so no vests for our tribe, but we did each get a head dress complete with feather and our own indian name.

with a nod to street justice, divo was re-christened, enforces with pigeons. with pride, i was, bride of cobras. and the khid? running khub.

* * *

{ sounds of the wild turkeys }

ain't no party, like a turkaraokey party! ronald brought over his karaoke mic and brought out the inner diva in all of us. our neighbors might've thought our living room looked like this

and not this

by the sounds of our stylings. low highlights included

smells like teen spirit by team brown shirts (ronald + derrick)
careless whisssper by team talls (will + the khid)
i just called to say i love you by team girls (me + jen)

ronald brought the house down (and scored a 98) with whitney's, i will always love you. i told the khid that this was pinoy bingo because we were not only karaoking but karaoking THAT song.

out takes :

"you weren't even recognized by the machine!"
- ronald to derrick who wanted to share in his high scoring whitney effort. derrick sizzzaanged along but the mic stayed at his feet. you can't help but sing along and feel like a winner.

"take a look at meow!"
my version of phil collin's take a look at me now.

* * *
{ thankful }

for all the beautiful, dope, funny, ridiculous, real, brilliant people in my life.
you are the stars in my universe.
for your love, support, creativity, stories and laughs. it keeps me fed. fully.
for the opportunities to spend time with you, to enjoy, share and celebrate. hooray!
for left overs that keep the feelin of love flowin. food is love. i made you a plate.

my sister posted this to my fb this morning. i was bawlin as i had pie for breakfast. that song kills every time. trust. if not, you must be cold hearted and prolly need to go kick a child to reboot.

(yes, bossy, more cat porn! ;)

" Lion embraces friends, the best thing in life...everlasting friendship. "


Yael said...

okay, now that is some cat porn i can get down with. one eye even watered. a lot. damn that song.

empanadamn said...

the khid's hand styles have improved since we met. i would also concur with his comment about crafts for that time of the year. banananananaz! i remember making a paper bag vest and rocking it as long as i could before it ripped. and hand turkeys be wylin'!