23 November 2008

some of the best things in life are free

booooooom and design for mankind have come together via Free Encouragement, a project of positivity. i made a submission (not shown here) and any lurking frowns went upside down. hitting send was like lighting a candle in a church, releasing a balloon, exhaling. feels good. submissions will be taken until december 5. step lively.

on good days, i say these things to myself. on not-so-good, hearing it from others can barely scratch my surface. seeing helps the believing.

misery loves company and yawns are contagious. this reminds me that, i'd be a fool (and mama didn't raise any of those) if i forgot, that although unique, i am not alone. so misery's company be damned, i'm gon kick it with the antonyms...cheer, delight, fun, gladness, happiness, joy and pleasure. i suggest y'all do the same. keep it goin. keep it flowin.

* * *

{ a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. - phyllis diller }

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Anonymous said...

You are beautiful, have I told you that? -malinda