21 September 2008

how i spent the (official) last day of summer

sigh. it's getting darker earlier and earlier. halloween stores are popping up. it makes me ear scratch. it may be the last official day of summer but here in san francisco we know it's just getting started or that it's not quite over. sf hits the snooze on autumn. yayski!

the three deez (divo, dopez & dag) walked around in the late summer sun, circling our surrounding neighborhoods. we cruised through hayes valley. it's a trip to see dag weaving in and out between the other pedestrians, even stopping to sniff out a store. just like his mama.

he climbed these stairs as if it were his home. nice of him to roll out the red carpet for us.

with hearts in his eyes


kimberlygunzz said...

im feeeling the picsss on this blog girl.


dopez said...

yayski! thanks