11 July 2008

puff puff pass

divo: what's up with your face? it looks swoll.
khid: oh, i know. i think it's an allergic reaction.
divo: yah, to your face!
khid: so my cheek is allergic to my face?

turns out it was his toof. a toof who's root needed canal-ing or something like that. the next day it swelled some mo. the day after that it didn't.

: my face would be so swoll, when i'd open my eyes, i'd see my cheek.
dopez: wow, so you didn't have 'morning face' today?!
khid: nope! i think them ice packages helped keep it down
dopez: oh ice? i thought y'all were supposed to think about baseball scores
khid: or put a geometry book on top of it.


divo had to macgruber our toilet last night. he called both the khid and i into the bafroom to edumacate us should he not be around to rescue us.

divo: 'member you did it last time?
dopez: oh yah! it was over the phone.
khid: and that hose water sprayed every where!
divo: oh yah! and you were screaming! 'the water's getting in my mouth. it's spraying every where! why?'
dopez: hmm, oh yah. man, i shoulda just told the hose to think of baseball scores.

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