10 July 2008

khid khonvo

{tv is on}

khid: why does everything look like anime now? not even japanese anime but 'merican style.
dopez: because you're racist prolly.

k: what's wrong with them old style black & white cartoons?
d: oh? the one's with dancing watermelons and goofy grinz?
k: in german...
d: what? you crave old timey b&w cartoons...in german?! kinky!
k: no, in german class...my teacher played some old sambo cartoons once.
k: i raised my hand
d: you mean fist?! in defiance?
k: and asked teach, "are you aware of the irony of showing racist cartoons in german class?"
d: nerd alert! impressive. you let him hiss @ you after?
k: only in german.

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