16 May 2008

fab 5 friday

reasons to hella love cali:

{1} our top court striketh down ye olde marriage ban
{2} our governator said this is like a total waste of time
{3} gav
{4} san francisco breaking records with its 97 degree day (or is this more a reason to love global warming? eek.)
{5} we keep it rockin! we keep it rockin!


{1} fro to the yo! strawberry/banana/vanilla/chocolate swirl with mad fresh blackberries + strawberries
{2} mamba sour, all your flavors are mine, MINE!
{3} crack uncle eddy's peanut butter chocolate vegan cookies. as my brother says, you can taste every single ingredient in it and its true. you won't miss the meats in this vegan treat! text messages like, 'loox like cookies 4 breakfast again, yay!' and 'in your face, i just got the last bag at whole foodz' have been sent in between bites and with crumbs on our faces no doubt
{4} lime popsicles
{5} and still doing it for me, pink lady apples! chompzilla they make me!

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