23 May 2008

dexter was a special friend of mine. he worked at one of my favorite shops in sf. we might not have ever kicked it outside of the shop but when i was there, i didn't want to be any place else (didn't hurt he'd announce to everyone that the flyest girl was in the house neither! or to come check out what 'miss thing has just done to her hair'). so many of my favorite pieces to have and to give as gifts have come from an afternoon kicking it with him. he had a mega watt smile and bright, mischievous eyes. his every other word was 'gorgeous' and he meant it.

with him, i grew to trust my reactions and my sense of style. in doing so, was able to share that with the world and bring beauty to others.

his stories and his energy showed me that life can be and is a sophisticated and rambunctious party filled with beauty. i always felt more dope, confident and excited about myself after spending time with him. "beautiful things for the beautiful ones", we'd say.

dexter had a heart attack (gorgeous no doubt) on may 15, 2008 and died.

i wish for him to be surrounded by beauty forever and ever.

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