08 April 2008

thar she blows!

it was win to the deeeeee, windy out this afternoon. i'm walking back to the oficina when a very tumultuous (not to mention mischievous) wind party kicks off on the corner of 5th and market street. it whipped off hats, sunglasses and skirts up, over and sideways. it either ruined or made a good hair day for one woman by blowing it sky high, it was hard to tell as she was either laughing her ass off or screaming in terror. so hard to tell. then there was this woman. this bitch was holding onto the light post, for serious. divoooo! i stood next to her and she says to me,

"i wasn't expecting this. this is that kind of wind from back home in new orleans or back in your country, right?"

i turn red. light turns green.


being pushed around by the wind charms me as it makes me feel light, tiny and vulnerable. and then i realize its because my whole ass is out because i want to be cute and wear a skirt (doppler radars be damned!) and now said skirt is up over my head. i think, phew! at least my blushing face is covered.


ma dukes is a giggler. she can't help it. it's how she was drawn. my lolo, her dad, once said, even the wind tickles her!


uptown said...

no someone did not ask you that!!! LOL...and what country was she referring to??!!

dopez said...

wherever the hell typhoons, monsoons and tsunamis are from