04 April 2008


spam subject line this week:

beef dick


blast from the past:

nkotb. dang. we've all done growed up. i caught them on the today show this morning. i was cracking up at some of the fans that had dug out their oversized pins and collection of backstage passes. danny is no longer the least attractive guy in the group, me thinks. donnie is still hangin tough...in my pantz. ha! oh oh oh, oh oh oh...

i'm surprised i didn't see this beotch in the crowd



pink lady apples

yum to the ski. yumski. these are on heavy rotation at my house and in my belly. move over fujisan, there's a lady in the room.

fro yo: can't get enough. there's a new self service spot round the way for my fro yo'ing pleasures. they've got 12 flavors including green apple and peach but i'm getting traditional in my old age, ie vanilla/choc swirl, strawberry with fresh berries is my jammy jam this week.


new crush:

+ james from bravo's, step it up and dance. haaaaaaaay!

bravo you did it again. just when i thought i was out you pull me back in. 'reality' shows where you have to have actual skillz is my tv crack. a judge told two of the girls (not pictured), "you're both strong dancers. but be careful you don't want to look like an angry...man!"

work it out.


David Dust said...

James and Miguel = Mean Girls

Click here for DavidDust's Step It Up and Dance recap.


uptown said...

finally caught this show last nite. too bad james got the boot cuz him and Miguel are hilarious!!