13 March 2008

past, present, presence

after years of saying i would, i finally made my way over to the alameda antiques faire. conditions were ideal for a serious case of spring fever to flare up. twas an afternoon at, what would turn out to be, the ultimate outdoor museum with weather i had been wishing on every first star i see tonight all winter. the sky was blue and vast, like a calm ocean hanging above us. it was hollywood smile bright with loads of sunshine that had been hibernating for long enough.

the faire is held at the former alameda point naval air(e) station. several mammoth buildings, perhaps former hangars, have been converted and are now occupied by various businesses. i noticed lower lying buildings, mayhaps former offices or military housing, are abandoned and boarded up with overgrown weeds coming up through the cracks. driving about we'd turn a corner and i felt like i was on the set of pearl harbor looking out for affleck; turn another corner and i was in chernobyl-ville. it's a strange place to go between, from all that is glossed over to all that is forgotten; from the hands of too many, to the hands of not enough.

enough dramz! with my cranrazzy homies in tow, we armed ourselves with the 'money is no object' attitude usually reserved for catalog perusing and internet window shopping and proceeded to check it all out. by all i mean the first 3 rows. this place is mandingo massive and i'm loving it. everything here has to be at least 20 years old so that immediately eliminates the booths filled with tube socks, clacker toys and knock off sunglasses (almost) and leaves behind just so much STUFF to look at...

lust after
be inspired by
scratch your head and wrinkle your nose at
to wonder where in your dream house it would go
wonder about its story, its travels, its life

too much stuff and yet not enough. my appetite for visual stimulation knows no boundaries. i took a lot of pictures. the camera lets me possess (and share) them all with out having to give up any square footage. to be able to have my every hearts desire but be able to walk away with nothing in hand is a victorious feeling, especially for a hunter/gatherer like myself. it's eating and having my cake but without the calories, guilt or dish to wash.


funny, i caught a glimpse of the future at the antiques faire. i looked up from the picnic and card tables with the past laid out and on display and saw this. i felt it a snapshot from the near future. a future where giant metal dinosaurs were as common and integrated in our lives like pets today.

i was digging this kind of generic space and time i was floating around in. some of the shots show a place that is both foreign and familiar and had me asking, where am i? others, tell me that there's no place like home (yo).


one can find peace in the strangest of places...if you open your eyes


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