06 February 2008

nice english words, in your sleep yo.

The bf talks in his sleep. In the past it was sporadic, random words with no rhyme or reason. T'was barely English, just vowels and consonants pushed together. As of late, he's been mad flowin. I should set a beat to him. Lots of words, half sentences, convos that spill over from either his dream or life in general. It can be startling at first but for the most part I ignore it.

Last night he added grunts and groans to his vocab, and NO not those kind of groans. It was beyond jarring. At times it sounded like he was catching a medicine ball (uuuugggggh) or trying to open a stuck ass jar (eeerrrrrr). Open mouth + closed eyes = weird! Some were sounds I'd hear walking through the TL. I felt like I woke up amidst a bum war, in progress! Old man groans, hard living on the street frustrations, open mouth to the sky groans (rooooaaaar). Bum fights in my bed yo. No bueno for this morning monster.

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