02 November 2007

use both legs

...and run to check out use both hands. it is rawsome.

it is written and directed by my homie ferreal, mr. johnny-on-the-spot. he's more than a homie. he's more than most. whatever you think you are, he's more than that. if you think you're talented, he's more. you think you're stringing words together and makin 'em sing? he's mo. a whole lotta mo. this man will run skip out and break his back to get you cigarettes, lemonade, fancy pizzas, mogwais whatever your cranrazz heart desires at any hour of the day. you can set your clock to this fool.

however, out of respect for the word, for the story, i put all that aside so my mind can be as pure as possible (peanut gallery y'all can take it to ye olde comments section). an easy feat it is not for dopez is not dead inside (it's just a rumor).

i was present at the reading back in the day. i went to the first saturday night performance (10/20). i went again last night (11/1). apples, oranges and pineapples but they're all still fruits.

the first performance was exactly that for me - a night of firsts and of performances. i've had friends that have written plays and friends that have acted in plays. john is my first friend to write and direct his own shit. someone get this guy some m-fing big league chew cause that's what you chew when you're in the bigs right (in my world @ least)? because you know what's so big, to me, about that feat?

the flotsam and jetsam of everything and everyone around him flowing into this one river of a story that all lead to the ocean that is him. when you write and direct it, i'm hearing "not only is this my boat but i rule the god dang river that it sits on." from vision to fruition, it blows my mind. i almost wanted to throw him a baby shower. never say never, yo.

watching the actors move i felt as if i were watching my friend move, watching his baby steps. the actors curse and i clutch the pearls because kids say the darndest things! when niece extraordinaire was born, i looked down at her fingers and immediately knew those were my brother's. i looked (and continue to) at brother and thought, YOU made her! i was the beaming proud auntie (aka nanny to some) fo sho. all goo goo gaa gaa about every little thing, just like with a new born; celebrating every laugh, every fall, every interlude, every fade to black.

going to the play last night was reminiscent of watching niece draw this duck. niece extraordinaire was about 2. i was chillang. she was drawing. i recognized a duck. she confirmed it. she then added a little curve and voila, duck with a butt! she beamed. people, this was no mickey mouse jody foster's mom said all her finger paintings were picasso's kind of duck. she demonstrated talent. i choked up and not because i'm into duck butts (again, rumor) but that i watched the process flash and pan across her eyes. she thought it, articulated it and made it happen...and i got it. i got it like a cannon ball in my chest.

just like last night.

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