20 November 2007

hi. i'm swoony mcgee.

i spent all of a mellow sunday afternoon watching these cats . hearts were popping off my head constantly when ha ha's weren't. after watching the first season i realized i watched the discs in reverse, whoopsie. backwards or forwards these guys are laughs ferrealz.

my crush is strong. i'm in the possessive stage of crush-ing. i possess them and throw daggers from my almond eyes at all the chix/dix that love 'em too. mine mine MINE! especially this one

top o' my xmas wish list, this please (fan girl in full effect right now :/)

thanks to my american friends for sharing this with me. you know what's up.


Anonymous said...

i heart bret too...ferreals. he's ADORABLE. i'm so glad you love these guys too! i wake up with their songs in my head everyday, and can always use a quote of to relate to any situation...that's how much i watch it. we must have a fotc night with the tacos!


Anonymous said...

"you're so beautiful...like a treeeeeeee!" hahahahahaha

from kelsey too

Anonymous said...

you just made me pee.